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Still here

This blog has evolved so much over the years, that I barely know where to begin. It started out as a WordPress experiment and a crude online journal. I often wrote in diaries as a child (Yes, in actual ink! Shock, horror) so writing in a blog came naturally to me. I wrote about college […]

New theme!

Yeah, got tired of the black emo-esque theme, so I’m back to the white background (You RSS readers should launch up the ol’ browser and take a look). I really like it so far. The WideJournal theme from BlogoSquare builds upon Sandbox from, plus it incorporates the rotating header image thing which I like. […]

CSS adventures

Every time I redesign this blog, I am amazed at the lack of CSS knowledge I have. Or is that “horrified”? Either or, I know I have a lot to learn. I spent an ungodly amount of time trying to reconfigure this 3-column blog into the way I wanted it — content on far left, […]

Top 3 incoming links

My top 3 incoming links for today are as follows: 1. From the Valleywag blogger dinner entry. 2. From some stupid splog. 3. From the Donors page. (Yes, I was once a loyal paying customer of Movable Type). It’s kinda funny. Especially the donor list, which must’ve been updated recently, because I don’t think […]

Burn that feed

I’m jumping on the feedburner bandwagon. If you want my Flickr photos, links, and blog entries, all in one fantabulous feed, please subscribe to my Feedburner feed. Huzzah for feed integration!