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Hello 2008

Every time the end of the year rolls around, I have a difficult time trying to sum up the year or come up with a lengthy list of profound moments. Life is, for the most part, a series of boring events punctuated by moments of imagined importance. Sure every once in awhile something huge happens, […]

Facebook and the Art of Passive Aggressive Socializing

When Dodgeball came along a few years ago (has it really been that long? Wow.), it proved to be a great way to connect with friends somewhat randomly without you having to do the tedious work of actually calling them up and arranging a meeting. That was when me and a few friends coined the […]

Culturally Asian

A friend of mine mentioned a phrase the other day that got me thinking about my own Asian identity. The phrase was “culturally Asian,” and he mentioned it in reference to another mutual acquaintance (“She’s very culturally Asian”). I immediately understood what he meant — that she not only spoke the language, but she ascribed […]

Et tu, Universe?

Okay. What’s up, universe? Just lay it out for me. What’s the deal? In one week alone, I’ve lost my wallet, received emails from family, received IMs from ex-boyfriends, have lots of work to do at the office, and am overall feeling a little unsettled. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m still feeling fine. […]

Social circle struggles #243

I’m getting the weirdest brain thunks in the middle of the night, I swear. Anyway, I was at the Web 1.0 Summit Wednesday night, as well as the Colors of Web 2.0 party last night, and at both events, there have been people that I wanted to really talk to, but couldn’t get the nerve […]