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Still here

This blog has evolved so much over the years, that I barely know where to begin. It started out as a WordPress experiment and a crude online journal. I often wrote in diaries as a child (Yes, in actual ink! Shock, horror) so writing in a blog came naturally to me. I wrote about college […]

Thirty so far

While I’ve been restraining my personal blogging efforts of late (due to my increasingly public profile), I figure a brief navel-gazing stint wouldn’t hurt. This is my “personal blog” after all. So indulge me, if you will, in a personal retrospective of this year thus far. It’s only September and I already feel like 2009 […]

When it rains, get an umbrella

2008 was the year when hope began. In the midst of economic downfall and environmental lapses, we were given the gospel of hope. Sure, I was one of many who was skeptical, but I eventually bought into it. Because, really, what choice do I have? When my friends get laid off, when unemployment rates skyrocket, […]

I have no desert island playlist

With the talk of mixtape nostalgia and the new iTunes Genius random playlist generation, I am once again revisiting my seemingly unusual indifference toward music. I like music, really, I do. I have a account, I listen to Pandora occasionally, and I have a healthy music collection in my iTunes library. But I’ve never […]

Daily distortion fields

I dip in and out of distortion fields on a daily basis. Some days I feel as if I’m the happiest and luckiest person in the whole world. Other days I somehow trip and find myself falling into a pit where only my darkest thoughts go. I weave in and out of these zones, pushing […]