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I miss Hawaii

Sigh. For the rest of my Hawaii pictures, click here.

Buying nothing

Not that I’m some anti-capitalist pinko commie, but I do think that the rampant blind consumerism that is prevalent today is a little much. Honestly, have you seen the news coverage of those lines in Wal-Mart? Half these people have this crazy look in their eyes. I like a good bargain as much as anyone, […]

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Or at least that’s my theory this month. Yes, I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month again, and this time I’m going to write something I’m not too afraid to show the world. That is, I’ll be writing about the world of the fantastic, where apparitions and the imagination take root in the realm […]

Complete redesign

Yeah, I updated WordPress and am currently fiddling around with themes. Of course, NONE of the themes really satisfy me. So I guess I’ll have to go fiddle with CSS and widgets tonight

Upgrade imminent

You know it’s time for a blog upgrade when you’ve completely forgotten the server name, the username, and the password, of your blog host’s FTP server. Gah.