Humor in the face of all things

by Nicole Lee

Three years ago on February 12, 2005, Brandon and I got married, under the witness of select family and friends, who gathered around our small backyard. The pastor was a gay woman, who gave a sermon with “The Gospel According to Peanuts” book in her hands. Our vows had a significant amount of geek humor. The wedding was everything that I liked about our relationship, symbolized: Cozy intimacy, openness to different ideas and beliefs, and a healthy dose of humor.

Three years later, and we’ve survived. A sudden move to a family home in order to salvage it. A maddeningly bureaucratic process to get me legalized. Both of us trading off periods of unemployment. Numerous emotional moments of us helping to save a pet we loved from dying. And through it all, we were each other’s rock, each other’s source of laughter, and each other’s unquestioning love.

Happy anniversary, Brandon Michael Hanvey. Here’s to many more years of love and joy.