Minor site updates

by Nicole Lee

For those that care about that sorta thing, here’s a list of minor updates to this blog (Beware: Mid-level of gobbledegook blog jargon ahead):

  • Changed my static pages (About, Links, Published, and Résumé, respectively) to look a little different from the rest of the regular blog entries. This basically meant creating a separate Pages Template for them, removing the extraneous stuff like titles, dates, comments, etc. I had to create a separate Links template though, because the regular Pages interface on WordPress can’t handle PHP (ie. I couldn’t use the get_links_list function otherwise). I still have to format that Links page properly though — my list is getting out-of-hand.
  • I cleaned up the sidebar. Archives are now in drop-down menu format (full details on how to do so are at the WordPress Codex), links were all transferred to the aforementioned Links page (though I may add a “most recently updated blogs” list later), and added my Upcoming.org schedule for kicks (Using this handy-dandy Feed to Javascript wizard. I tried using a plugin solution, but that didn’t work out too well).
  • As for the iTunes-is-playing thing, that was done via the WP-iTunes plugin. I use RecentTunes to upload my iTunes information to the site. I downloaded and installed the plugin, entered an iTunes key variable (just made something up), entered my Amazon.com dev token (for the album images), and activated it. Then I configured RecentTunes as follows:
    – under the Upload tab, I selected HTTP GET, and entered this site’s URL.
    – then under Templates, in Get Args, I typed in something like this: wpitunes=$itunes_key_var&track=^t&artist=^p&album=^a&genre=^g, with the “$itunes_key_var” being the key variable that I selected.
  • Added functionality to my blog entries via the Bunny’s Technorati Tags WordPress plugin.

If any of that was unclear, and you want to do any of the above yourself, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help.

Anyway, yeah, not that much of an update really. But still wanted to chronicle it in case I forget how I did any of this stuff.