SF WordPress Meetup

by Nicole Lee

I went to the impromptu WordPress meetup earlier yesterday, simply to see Matt and have a feel of what other WP users are like. The full list of attendees is as follows: Chris Messina (also of CivicSpace Labs), Scott Beale, Marc Weidenbaum, Om Malik, Matt Mullenweg, Glenda B, Ryan King, and Craig Cook.

I ended up having a relatively fun time. While quite a bit of it went over my head, I did manage to grasp a lot of the usability issues that were discussed — such as comment and referrer spam, mobile blogging, news aggregators, open-source browsers, and so forth. I also bonded a little with Scott from Laughing Squid because of mutual connections, as well as Marc (turns out we have a mutual friend — small world!).

After the meetup, a few of us headed to Matt’s apartment to chill a little and talk tech (or the business of). Several minutes in and Chris and Matt were trading ideas on improving their CMS platforms, with dueling laptops at their helm. Spurred by the exchange of ideas, I decided to upgrade to WP’s latest nightly build. I was hesitant at first, but since Matt was there to help if necessary, it was as good a time as any. And with some minor adjustments along the way, I am now using WP 1.5, and it is sweet. I’ve yet to implement some of the cooler changes, but I’ll get to them in due time.

Photos: crappy-cameraphone photos I took of the meetup, Ryan’s much-better ones.
Update: Scott has a write-up and photo of the meetup.